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My Story For God's Glory

Certified. Supportive. Experienced.

I’ve been a fully-certified Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor since 2005, providing mental health wellness both professionally& personally. My career actually began in 1999, as an educator at a private school. My training includes a Christian Education degree from Wheaton College& a Pastoral Clinical Counseling degree from Ashland Seminary, a part of Ashland University.  After being a career woman for a decade, I chose the full- time wife& mom life for a decade.  These days, I am a homesteader &homeschooler of our four little blessings.  Unplugged days with long country prayer walks, dry shampoo, cute ball caps, yogas& lots of snuggles fuel me up!  
With over two experience in education, coaching, and/or counseling, I have now culminated my skills into the profession of mentoring. As a Certified Professional Mentor, the essence of my work is to guide my clients successfully in reaching the summit of their own mountains.  I have unique, actual real life experiences as a lover, mother, homesteader, home educator, &woman of faith that I feel are my most valuable assets as a Certified Professional Mentor.  Mentoring facilitates self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your life, so that you can overcome them with confidence. I specialize in creating personalized plans and providing tools to guide you forward and achieve your desired goals. Mentors are subject matter experts who have actually reached the "mountain summit" in real life.  I always dreamed of being a wife& mom, but truthfully never knew it'd be SO wild.  I have experienced, by God's Grace, so much of my Wild Dream, & have a passion for helping others to fully experience their Wild Dream, too.  Mentors have expertise from real life that is not found in any online course or book.  Mentors are personal, private, professional guides.  Yes, it is by God's Grace I am truly experiencing Joy, Wellness&Wild Dreams.  I would be so honored to be YOUR personal field guide.  Let's begin your own Joy, Wellness, & Wild Dreams journey together today!

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